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Happenings |

At the moment I am concentrating my artistic endeavours on what I call "Timepieces".
These are sculptural or moving pieces that change over time.
Most of them employ some sort of cogged mechanism, and they are helping me to reconnect
with my family heritage - my Grandfather was a Swiss watchmaker!

I hope to display some of these on this website soon.

Old news |

4th–25th July 2015 |
I exhibited at artisan
80 Harlesden Road
London NW10 2BE
The show was entitled "My Favourite Things"
I'm not sure if this was referencing John Coltrane or Julie Andrews!
Either way it was sadly Artisan's final show.
I exhibited some old favourites.

22nd–25th August2014 |
I exhibited at Greenbelt Festival

On saturday morning I had a two hour long exhibition from 9–11
In the Allotment Gallery, which is a shed!

I will exhibited some old favourites as well as some recent work.
This includes a non photographic work which will evolve as the two hour slot progresses.

I also be did a pecha kucha talk on Saturday evening in the Leaves venue

April 2013 |
it's true, I've finally got some new pieces finished!

The Heart of the City is Not Made of Stone
...which took a year!

Always Coming Back to You
...which took a couple of weeks, started in India and finished back in London!

Hopefully I'll write up some of the stories behind them soon.
At the moment they can only be seen in the flesh at the Penguin/DK staff art show
or propped up against my bedroom bookcase!

8th March – 29th March 2014 |
I will be exhibiting at artisan
80 Harlesden Road
London NW10 2BE
This exhibition with some artists from Leigh-on-Sea will include my three latest works
have not been publicly exhibited before.

September 2012 |
I had a few pictures on the wall at London Tap Gallery
2 Kingsway, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1PJ

31st March – 27th May 2012 |
I exhibited at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery
Terrace Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6DA
I'll be at the gallery for "Meet the Artist" on Saturday 28th April, 11am-1pm

Vignette |
There was an article about my work in Vignette
A new free quarterly photography magazine.
On the cover I shared the billing with Martin Parr, which is quite a thrill!

Better Photography |
There was an article about my work in Better Photography
India's number one photography magazine!

Playful Type 2 |
Some of my work features in Playful Type 2:
Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts book.

Available from all good book shops!

9th December – 23th December 2011 |
14th December – 24th December 2010 |
I exhibited at artisan
80 Harlesden Road
London NW10 2BE

August Bank Holiday weekend 2010 |
Greenbelt Arts Festival |
This Earthly Tent
It was displayed in a small shed!

21st-30th August |
Arundel Gallery Trail |
I exhibited at The Mill Lane Gallery, Arundel

Ultrabold |
There was an article about my work in the edition 7 of Ultrabold-
the journal of St Bride Library

15th April – 2nd July 2010 |
I exhibitied at the bowery
54 Otley Road
0113 2242284

March/April 2010 |
Northwood Art Stns |
My Burden is Light was on display at
Brisa 36 and
Fairfield church

3rd February – 20th February 2010 |
I exhibited at artisan
80 Harlesden Road
London NW10 2BE

November/December 2009 |
leftbankadvent |
I created a piece for an exhibition at LeftBank, Leeds
The Innkeeper's Advent
There's a nice review here

November/December 2009 |
There was a feature on my work in Wired magazine
(page 84)

from mid November 2009 |
I exhibited at The Mill Lane Gallery, Arundel
Longmace House, Mill Lane, Arundel, BN18 9AH

October 2009 |
Lodown Magazine |
My work was featured in Lodown DTP issue 001

September–October 2009 |
A Contemporary Bestiary |
A Message from the Bears was part of this exhibition at A. M. Richards Fine Arts
328 Berry Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211

August Bank Holiday weekend 2009 |
I attempted to create a piece on site at Greenbelt Art Festival, in one weekend!
The working title is This Earthly Tent.

8 June-16 August 2009 |
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition |
A Message from the Bears was on display in gallery IX, work number 1038

August–September 2009 |
There was an article about my work in Image-
the magazine of The Association of Photographers

10-25 July 2009 |
I had a solo show at Bishop Street Methodist Church in Leicester

13-21 June 2009 |
The Leigh Art Trail |
I exhibited in Old Leigh Studios
I'm on video talking about it here!